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Convert between shapefiles

Convert shapefiles as points, polylines polygons. It is very useful for example when required to join entities taken from points generated from a GPS device, then represent the shape of land, road, track, road, river, etc., as well as obtain the vertices of a polygon or polyline.

To convert entities, as appropriate, we headed from the ArcToolbox > Data Management Tools > Features.

Select the tools to create or convert entities as mentioned in the following paragraphs.

ArcToolbox Features ArcGISPoints To Line, convert points to line.

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Feature To Line, allows the following operations:

  • Convert a polygon to polylines.
  • Create a polyline from points.

Feature To Point, allows the following operations:

  • Convert from polygon to points.
  • Convert a polyline to points.

Feature To Polygon, you can perform the following operations:

  • Create a polygon from points.
  • Convert a polyline to polygon.

Feature Vertices To Points, allows you to create points for the vertices of the entity.

Split Line At Vertices, can divide a polyline vertices.

3 thoughts on “Convert between shapefiles”

  1. John Chioles says:

    Thank you for providing this. Be careful for multi-part features (lines, or polygons), and polygons with internal holes or external islands of the same feature. This would most likely require an additional operation. Hope this helps.

  2. Arnold Bijlsma says:

    Beware that this functionality is only available in the Advanced licence level

  3. Busra says:

    ARCGis de yapıp Qgis de yapamadigimiz neler var ?

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