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Create a GeoPDF in ArcGIS

The ArcMap application provides the ability to export our maps to PDF, preserving the vector and raster graphics in a single file, with the ability to store data for georeferencing later.

The usefulness of working with PDF files is the ease of use, independence, simple display, and retains the mapping information.

To export go to the menu File > Export Map, select PDF as the file type and save.

ArcGIS exportar a PDF

In export options you can be configured in order to optimize the PDF file according to our needs.

  • Resolution, specify the resolution in dpi (dots per inch) of the output image, while higher quality and better sharpness.
  • Format provides the ability to configure the colors of the output file, RGB to display on-screen and printed on a common printer, and CMYK for printing or commercial means, it is also possible to compress vector data.
  • Advanced allows you to configure layers, attributes and georeferencing data PDF file.
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Create a GeoPDF in ArcGIS

ArcInfo license is required.