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Sumate to map areas affected by the earthquake in Ecuador

Ecuador urgently requires the support of the GIS community, work is simple, as the first phase is required to map affected areas before the earthquake (as second phase tasks will be added post-earthquake) such as, roads, bridges, buildings, parks, hospitals , schools, etc. The instructions below summarizes:

  1. Login in or create an account OpenStreetMap.
  2. Enter Hot Tasking Manager, select the place that want to contribute.
  3. In the top right click login to OpenStreetMap and authorize access to your account the OSMTM application.
  4. Select the sector to map (colorless squares still not working, yellow are being worked, in green have already been mapped and validated), and click Start mapping.
  5. On the left side click Edit with iD Editor.In the new window, draw and label with point, line or area according to the map item.
  6. If you have charted partially or totally, to record you must return to the HOT Tasking Manager window, leave a comment and point Stop mapping (to continue later), and Make task as done (if you have completely finished).
  7. Thank you if you’ve come this far.
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