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Video- MapInfo Pro Advanced – Image Processing & Display Capabilities

MapInfo Pro Advanced includes powerful and easy to use capabilities for changing the appearance of your grid data. These capabilities are not just for making …

Video – MapInfo Pro Advanced – Introduction

MapInfo Pro Advanced is a new offering from Pitney Bowes that enables GIS analysts to work with “Big Data” in a spatial context. Users will be able to …

Video – A Brief Introduction for New Users of MapInfo Pro

This tutorial is an introduction to using MapInfo Pro for people that are brand new to using the software. The 64 bit version is used in this

Video – MapInfo Pro Advanced – Raster Calculations

MapInfo Pro Advanced comes with powerful mathematics tools that allow you to gain insights into you data by performing a wide verity of

Video – Image Processing with MapInfo Discover

Learn how to accurately rectify / ‘rubber-sheet’ aerial photography and scanned geological maps with MapInfo Discover. We also demonstrate how to …